1Home-of-Spirit-Strength-39х57-2007    2Home-of-Diviner-39х57-2007    3-Home-of-Creation-39х57-2007

4-Home-of-Power-and-Intellect-39х57-2007    5-Home-of-Aspiration-of-Perfection-39х57-2007    6-Home-of-Fire-Ruler-39х57-2007

 7-Home-of-Wind-of-Change--39х57-2007     8-Home-of-Unrestrained-Power-39х57-2007     9-Home-of-Traditions-Keeper-39х57-2007

10-Home-of-The-Soul-Bounty-39х57-2007     11-Home-of-Inner-Harmony--39х57-2007     12-Home-of-Sacred-Ancient-Knowledge-39х57-2007

The theme of Art Works series demonstrates the mystical prediction system of Ancient Astrology. Formula of comparisons, the position of the planets and their position at the time of the birth of a Person, reveal and activate the sensitive points of the natal chart. The structure of the formulas, helps the transformation of changes in Destiny line, in the direction which Person wishes to take. However, this mechanism of Transformation can launch only the Power of Intention of Strong-willed Person.