Only Person has the ability to Create Events of Destiny! …

1-Energy-of-the-Leader-2014  1 Energy of the Leader               2-Mystery-of-Adaptation-20142 Mystery of Adaptation

3-Skill-of-the-Mentalist-2014  3 Skill of the Mentalist               4-Secret-of-Manipulations-20144 Secret of Manipulations

5-Ease-of-Achievements-2014 5 Ease of Achievements              6-Position-of-Influence-20146 Position of Influence

7-Power-of-Sacred-Knowledge-20147 Power of Sacred Knowledge  8-Holder-of-Purpose-20148 Holder of Purpose

9-Holder-of-Super-Abilities-2014 9 Holder of Super Abilities


Theme of Art work Series unfolds an ancient, mystical system of Numbers associated with physical objects, processes, and people’s lives and their consciousness, which are interconnected and influence each other. Combinations of images contain the flow of subconscious information aimed at the productive level of the survival of person. Probability of perception represented characters is determined by the natural capacity for empathy.