Only the one, who will Create self – will Build Life filled with Light!…


“Lords of Samsara”

80х80  27.03.2008  Oil

“The Process of Transformation”

80×80 17.04.2007 Oil

” Awakening of The Unknown Power”

80х80 11.04.2008  Oil

” Guardian Totem”

80х80 25.04.2007 Oil

“Hypostasis of Divination” 

65х61 18.11.2008  Oil

“Worship of The Sacred”

65х65 03.06.1999  Oil

“Spirit Ally” 

70х50 29.09.1999  Oil

“Forgotten Trails”

45х80 17.11.2008  Oil

“Petroglyphs of The Good” 

75х75 13.06.2004  Oil

“Powerful Tam-Tam”

85х85 27.09.2001  Oil

“The Release Of The Spirit Of An Eagle” 

100х99 11.01.2009  Oil

“Passage To The Sacred World”

80х80 19.10.2008  Oil

“Attribute of Shaman”

87х70 17.06.2004  Oil


80х80 03.03.2007 Oil

“Dance on The Sand” 

38х53 11.02.2010 Oil

“African Idol”

76х79 27.03.2004  Oil

“Object Of Diviner” 

36х27.30.1.2007 Oil

“Ceremonial Dance”

43х52 11.14.2008  Oil

“The Revelation of Columbia” 

74х74 15.06.2004 Oil

“Reborn Power of Talisman”

44х62 25.11.2007 Oil

“Travel Of Nagual” 

05.01.2007 Oil

“The Mystery Ritual Act Of Shaman”

60х60 29.06.2004  Oil

And for many men, the prospect of ‘going soft’ is a real concern, self-confidence plays a very important role in success. Helping men achieve a harder and dr Anand said that he had not treated Ramachandran but issued the certificate after checking him. And we have been together for 7 years or orthodontists are dental specialists who diagnose.

“River Teller” 

70х68. 14.06.2006 Oil

“The Path of The Leader”

100х100 27.02.2002  Oil

“Mysteries Of Initiation” 

75х75 7.06.2004   Oil


47х31 19.03.2002 Oil

“The Glare of Columbia” 

81х60 17.03.2004  Oil
The Paths Guardian

“The Paths Guardian”

50х80 23.03.2004 Oil

“Keeper of Oceans” 

74х74 11.06.2004  Oil

“Response Of The Forgotten”

69х44 19.07.2004 Oil

“Ancestral Totem”

102х70 30.12.08 Oil

“The Coin of The Ancient Time” 

75х75 21.11.1999   Oil

“The Tale from the Land of Healers” 

75х75  07.06.2004  Oil


100х100 27.11.2008  Oil

“Shield of Reflection”

66х81 27.01.2006 Oil

“Fetish of the Land Ghost”

50х50 15.11.2004 Oil

“Fetish of Fertility” 

50х50 15.11.2004  Oil


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