Lost Civilization

Changes in values of generations lead to either Prosperity or fall of civilizations. What do we choose?..


“Tablet of The Atlantis”

120х170 21.08.2008  Oil, acrilic paint

“Guardian of Hunting Season”

55х85 18.07.20012 Oil, acrilic paint

“Protection Of Mystery”

51х70 15.09.2004 Oil

“The Age of Mayans’ Pyramids”

120х170 16.10.2008 Oil, acrilic paint

“On the eve of uncontrollable events”

100х100 23.02.11 Oil, acrilic paint

“Gates Of Fateful Changes”

100х100 26.10.2011 Oil, acrilic paint

“Peruvian Totem”

100х100 05.02.2004 Oil

“Mythology Of Early Days”

100х100 09.12.2004 Oil

“Watching Eye”

170х70 17.09.2013 Oil, acrilic paint

“Secrets Of The Distant Plains”

75х75 19.06.2004  Oil