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Harmony of Fixed Stars

                                          Universe is a Book., one can understand it only by Understanding Self..

Finding-of-Resources-2013   Favorable-Outcome--2013   Mental-Breakthrough-2013   Presence-of-Choice-2013   Reflectivity-of-Realities-2013   Partnership-2013   Stand-of-Courage-2013   Position-of-Stability-2013   Search-for-Self-Knowledge-2013   Overcoming-Obstacles-2013   Productivity-2013   Strategies-for-the-Movement-2013

It has been long known about the effects of the planets of the Solar System on Life, health and Human instincts. Ancient Astrology  had the knowledge and also the transformation of the planetary influences on the Inner World of a Person, and offered strategies to change the course of events  of people’s Lives. Having sacred knowledge, only to Selected the followers opened the door to the triggers of the planetary influences that helped to Achieve  Goals.

Astrological ages of the world

Twelve Transits

1Home-of-Spirit-Strength-39х57-2007    2Home-of-Diviner-39х57-2007    3-Home-of-Creation-39х57-2007

4-Home-of-Power-and-Intellect-39х57-2007    5-Home-of-Aspiration-of-Perfection-39х57-2007    6-Home-of-Fire-Ruler-39х57-2007

 7-Home-of-Wind-of-Change--39х57-2007     8-Home-of-Unrestrained-Power-39х57-2007     9-Home-of-Traditions-Keeper-39х57-2007

10-Home-of-The-Soul-Bounty-39х57-2007     11-Home-of-Inner-Harmony--39х57-2007     12-Home-of-Sacred-Ancient-Knowledge-39х57-2007

The theme of Art Works series demonstrates the mystical prediction system of Ancient Astrology. Formula of comparisons, the position of the planets and their position at the time of the birth of a Person, reveal and activate the sensitive points of the natal chart. The structure of the formulas, helps the transformation of changes in Destiny line, in the direction which Person wishes to take. However, this mechanism of Transformation can launch only the Power of Intention of Strong-willed Person.

Nine Secret Formulas of Life

         Only Person has the ability to Create Events of Destiny! …

1-Energy-of-the-Leader-2014  1 Energy of the Leader               2-Mystery-of-Adaptation-20142 Mystery of Adaptation

3-Skill-of-the-Mentalist-2014  3 Skill of the Mentalist               4-Secret-of-Manipulations-20144 Secret of Manipulations

5-Ease-of-Achievements-2014 5 Ease of Achievements              6-Position-of-Influence-20146 Position of Influence

7-Power-of-Sacred-Knowledge-20147 Power of Sacred Knowledge  8-Holder-of-Purpose-20148 Holder of Purpose

9-Holder-of-Super-Abilities-2014 9 Holder of Super Abilities


Theme of Art work Series unfolds an ancient, mystical system of Numbers associated with physical objects, processes, and people’s lives and their consciousness, which are interconnected and influence each other. Combinations of images contain the flow of subconscious information aimed at the productive level of the survival of person. Probability of perception represented characters is determined by the natural capacity for empathy.