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Gate of Knowledge by Alagir

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In 1999 Yuliya Alagir produced and choreographed a theatrical choreographic group Gate of Knowledge. The group consisted of 5 professional dancers and took part in the project the Mystery of the Sun, participating in national and solo exhibitions by Yulia Alagir. 1999- 2005

Genetic path of the Sun

It is impossible not to consider the work of Alagir, without understanding of her personal and individual qualities, which are at the core of her extraordinary personality. But where are those individual qualities come from? What is at the birth of so brave, courageous character, capable to follow the way of Knowlege and Fulfillment? And why it is the Sun that played in her life a key role …? Answers to these questions can be found in her genetic, ancestral origins. After all, it is no accident; her personal path to the Sun began since ancient times, from the path of the birth of her kind.

Yulia Alagir ancestors are from the ancient Ossetian kind Kulaevs who settled in the North Caucasus Alagirsky Gorge, known in historical sources from the XVI – XVII centuries. Ossetians – an independent and freedom-loving people, who by their courage, unity, devotion to honor and tradition, have left a deep mark in the long history of the Caucasus. Ancient kind Kulaevs (mother’s maiden name ) – is the assimilation of the Scythian-Alan samartskogo-kind: Ossetian Digors and tribal nomadic peoples of Turkic origin.

But to understand the role of the Sun in the life of Alagir, it’s important to go back even further in history, namely, to the ancient Scythians, sledges, to the III millennium BC, the birthplace of the Scythian and Alanian branch Kulaevs kind. This branch originates from the Indo-Aryan kind ALAGATA- kind of Scythian priests who worshiped one of the most revered mythological images – the image of the Sun and possessed secret knowledge of the ancient Mysteries. Thus, through the centuries, thanks to the genetic memory of the depths of the subconscious, the Sun appeared in Life of Alagir, Forming her personal path of development and cognition. Symbol of Sun became the major force in her multifaceted art work, which gives the outside world – a symbol of good, wisdom and creativity. Thereby reviving the sacred knowledge of the Mystery of the Sun …..


Why is the theme of the sun?

Prerequisites of theme of the Sun in Alagir art and her creativity were her three basic intellectual needs. It was the Need for Personal Development and the search for answers about the Meaning of Life, the need to build a life in accordance with the wishes and the need for Creative Expression. It is a Personal Journey of self-knowledge and knowledge of the laws of the world.

Thanks to her love for studies in the fields of  psychology, sociology, philosophy, world history, culture and ethnography, with time Alagir formed an understanding of self and the overall ‘Picture of Concepts’ on the Ideals, Values ​​and needs of both People and Humanity as a whole. And also, the desire of people to acquire The Desired life and Sacred Knowledge, which has the described way of centuries-old experience and the ways to achieve the Desired Life. The personification of this ‘Picture of Concepts’ Alagir in her work has chosen – the Sun. But the Sun, as a conceptual character symbolizing the Path of Self-Knowledge, Development and Achievements.

Further, the idea was born – to create art direction “The Mystery of the Sun”, which will present and disclose this topic, reflect the knowledge and the light. Given theme’s key role in the important areas of human life, art direction will accommodate a number of individual and complementary projects, which, to some extent, will contain the conceptual symbolism of the Sun.



Social individual life and its interaction with the outside world.



Abode of the Sun

 «Abode of the Sun»-

Cosmogonic ideas of ​​creation of the world and their influence in the process of Spiritual Development.



Altar of Eternity

«Altar of Eternity»- 

Concepts of metaphysical notions about the original nature of reality, the world and life itself.



The Priestess of the Sun

«The Priestess of the Sun»- 

What mystery hides Woman’s Nature?



Lost Civilization

«Lost Civilization»- 

Ideologies of various ancient civilizations.



Astrological ages of the world

 «Astrological ages of the world»-

Trends of astrological concepts of formation and form of the world.




«Accessories People of the Sun»- 

Symbolics for achievements and progress.



Vessels of Life

«Vessels of Life»- 

The path of transformation is the path of Spiritual reformation.



The purpose of all creative activity of Alagir  is to reveal to the modern viewer the many facets of the centuries of human development and give the opportunity not only to plunge into the world of sacred knowledge, but also to find their own answers to the important questions, to embark on their own path of self-knowledge, development and achievements. On the path of the Sun … ..[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]