Monstera Leaves. 3D mural by Yuliya Alagir

3D Mural by Yuliya Alagir. Joy and Happiness while traveling is a Great Inspiration! This Passion for Change is a Great Idea for creating 3D murals in the interior. The leaves of Monstera created comfort and a joyful mood, made the interior of the hallway beautiful and unique. How was this done?

Amonite Stone. 3D Mural by Yuliya Alagir

3D Mural by Yuliya Alagir. Fossilized shells of ammonites were a great idea for creating a mural in the interior… This texture created comfort and warmness, made the place livable and unique. How was it made?

Special Gift

The painting “Special Gift” by Alagir reveals the capabilities of every human being. All resources and knowledge reside within the person.


Temple of the Sun by Alagir

Installation “Temple of the Sun” have been exhibited at Alagir solo exhibitions and international festival Biennale. It took several years to assemble installation “Temple of the Sun”. It was built and put together from recycled construction waste products and executed and finished in innovative art techniques of Alagir.